Skate Sharpening

Professional Skate Sharpening by: Neil Carpenter

Canskate Sharpening: CALL FOR PRICING

Skate Sharpening which will ad in accomplishing the basic skills.

Starskate Sharpening: CALL FOR PRICING

A more advanced sharpening level, providing precise edges required for high level skaters and more advanced techniques.

Blade Mounting (includes sharpening): CALL FOR PRICING

Mounting your new blades properly on your current skate boots or on a brand new pair is so important..alignment is the key.

Your skates are an extension of your body. They are the single most important piece of equipment that you wear. They transmit all the power of your legs to the ice. When your skates are dull, you the skater are at a great disadvantage. You will not be able to accelerate as fast, stop as quickly, or turn as tightly.

Your skates should be sharp all the time with a smooth finish on the bottom

Don’t trust this to anybody, Neil Carpenter will ensure it is done right.