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Skate Bags

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Ergonomic Carry All Backpack Travel Book Bag wheels, suitcase seat, ice skate bags, portable backpack, Karen Foster design scrapbook seat case, ultimate travel, rolling tote, school book bag, The ULTIMATE carry all portable travel book bag backpack seat case on wheels, from school hallways to the concrete metropolis. Plenty of cargo space, outstanding handling, seating for one and the highest safety record on the market.



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Skate Tights

Opaque microfiber tights are perfect for competitive skating, performance and competition.

Mondor over the boot figure skating tights are warm ice skating tights that cover figure skating boots. Many ice skaters and figure skating coaches like the long continuous line and professional look that these tights give to figure skaters’ legs. Parents of skaters especially are happy with these tights because polishing of figure skate boots is no longer necessary since the over the boot tights completely cover and protect ice skating boots. We carry footed, footless and boot cover tights in two different thicknesses. We also carry the Bamboo tights.



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Skate Dresses

A beautiful dresses can make a great program really stand out!

When it comes to ice skating dresses for girls and women, there are many styles and brands on the market, from custom ice skating dresses featuring hand-applied Swarovski crystals to simple practice dresses for figure skating without any embellishment at all. When it comes to purchasing your next figure skating dress, the first thing to ask yourself is What kind of dress you need? While figure skating dresses for competition offer plenty of sparkle, they’re usually designed and color coordinated to match a specific program theme or music choice. They are much more elaborate then practice dresses and it is not suggested to wear as a daily practice outfit.

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Skate Blades

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Blades that are in poor condition can slow your skill progression and take the fun out of ice skating.

Worn or damaged blades prevent figure skaters from spinning and jumping effectively, and can cause skaters to slip and fall when the blade casing makes contact with the ice.

If you feel your skates blades are starting to affect your performance on the ice, replace them with more advanced models that allow you to make the most of your practice sessions and competitions

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Ice Skates

A good pair of skates can make all the difference, let us show you the difference!

The oldest pair of skates known date back to about 3000 B.C., found at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland. The skates were made from the leg bones of large animals, holes were bored at each end of the bone and leather straps were used to tie the skates on. Around the 14th Century, the Dutch started using wooden platform skates with flat iron bottom runners. The skates were attached to the skater’s shoes with leather straps. Poles were used to propel the skater. Around 1500, the Dutch added a narrow metal double edged blade, making the poles a thing of the past, as the skater could now push and glide with his feet (called the “Dutch Roll”).

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